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Our Story

Zenith Comp Co., Ltd. founded since 1995. We provide value added IT hardware and software solutions. We aim to be a leading systems integrator, a professional and dependable partner with quality service. Zenith Comp has grown in an overall operating result and turnover since the company was founded until present. The company expands in its customer base and tends to grow continually, as a result of our strong and complete development in products, sales, and services. Customer satisfaction is evident in the fact that we have on-going relationships with our customers in Thailand.

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Solutions and Services

" Our professional services in solutions, i.e. Enterprise Cloud, Desktop Management, Collaboration, and Backup, will deliver the finest result to our client and their customer "

" Our security solutions, be it Advanced Persistent Threats, Privileged Account Management, or Web Application Firewall, will prevent and protect your business from disruption or misdirection of services "

" We have innovative networking products such as Access Point, Switch, Controller, and Secure Web Gateway Solution to optimize your network infrastructure "