Backup Solution


ALL your virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads. Through a single management console, you can manage fast, flexible and reliable backup, recovery and replication of all your applications and data to eliminate legacy backup solutions forever.


Backup and Recovery
  • VM backup, recovery and cloud management delivers a number of significant benefits, including: VM recovery with live recovery options; backup to and in the cloud; custom-fit data protection for every SLA; the broadest hardware snapshot management; and workload portability across physical, virtual and cloud platforms.
  • Database backup, simpler way to protect and recover your business-critical databases through automatic discovery, push-button recovery, intuitive deduplication, cloning/replication, and by smarter hardware snapshots through built-in application integration. Eliminate the need for multiple, costly backup tools and complex scripting, while improving database performance.
  • Email backup, Email and collaboration applications are the heart of any business, allowing teams to be more efficient and productive. With a significant amount of business-critical information stored in email, having reliable backup, recovery and archiving is essential.
  • Endpoint backup, protect and secure end-user data to mitigate risk from any number of threats. You can also regain visibility and control over endpoint and cloud file-share data for compliance and litigation purposes — all from a single solution. In addition, you’ll improve productivity for end users and IT through self-service, collaboration.
Disaster Recovery

Ensuring that your organization’s mission-critical data remains available is essential to delivering availability for the Always-On Enterprise. You can avoid data loss and dramatically improve your recovery time and point objectives (RTPO) to 15 minutes for ALL applications and data, minimizing the impact on your infrastructure.

Replication is your safety net. If a production VM goes down, you can immediately fail over, giving users access to the services and applications they need with minimum disruption while you resolve the issue. We make replication easy so that you can improve your disaster recovery (DR) plan and avoid data loss.


  • Protects against effects of natural disasters
  • Lessens impact of cyber attacks
  • Keeps client data safe
  • People make mistakes
  • Systems fail

Veeam Key capabilities

• Backup and recovery:
Ensure your data is backed up and recoverable on your terms with various backup and granular recovery options.
• Automation:
Prepare, test and orchestrate your disaster recovery (DR) strategy to protect critical applications.
• Cloud:
If the cloud is part of your data center strategy, be prepared to backup and recover to, from and within the cloud for portability and
cost savings.
• Security:
Effectively manage your backups from virtual testing to ensure that copies of your data are recoverable, secure and compliant.

Commvault Backup & Recovery Key capabilities

• Backup
Protection of virtual machines, applications (including cloud), databases, endpoints, files.
• Recovery
Recovery of virtual machines, applications (including cloud), databases, endpoints, files.
• Migration
Migration of workloads from on-premises to the cloud, or between clouds.
• Hardware snapshot integration
Leverage hardware snapshots for near-instant recovery of entire data volumes.
• Cloud integration
Utilize the cloud for scalability, mobility, availability, and cost reduction for production workloads.
• Flexible storage options
Retain copies of protected data in one or multiple locations.

Veritas Key capabilities

• Meet business expectations for backup and recovery.
• Protect your data against ransomware.
• Reduce storage costs.
• Secure data.
• Achieve regulatory requirements.
• Eliminate niche backup tools from your infrastructure.

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